Drink from that Wishing Well

but may it never quench your thirst

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a good day :)
1000 mile journey
went and saw the dr today and I'm going to stay on pristiq as it worked so well - this makes me happy :)  it took an abnormally long time for me to be seen, so i enjoyed more of "eat, pray, love."  i really like this book.  it's religiously thought provoking, writen in humoristic language, and so easy to transport the reader right next to the author.  i'll be sad when the book ends.  but it'll be a new opportunity to read something else of liz gilbert's!
i'm really proud of myself for not going to mcdonalds after taking care of dawnstar's cats but instead coming home and sticking with my nutrition plan.  i enjoyed hummus and multi-grain flatbread as a snack - it was so tasty i look forward to having it as a snack again.
little man should be home soon and in 30 minutes we'll be off to the Y to exercise, but until then, "queer eye for the straight guy." 
can this day get any better?

~ i send my positive energy out into the universe, ok ub, just say "yes"

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Definitely thinking positive thoughts in your direction regarding UB! *hugs*

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