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omg I love Pristiq
coffee and writing
and I love my newfound enthusiasm for weight loss.  it's only been raging for the past two days, but already I notice a difference in my stomach and arms.  what a great motivator. 

side note: I don't like how Emeril has a penchant for saying, "baby" to his food, it's just odd.

tonight I'm making a white vegetarian chili for dinner.  it's a recipe I found on Sparkpeople (which is helping me track my food intake and exercise) and I'm really excited for us to try it.  I have to run to Wegmans to pick up a few items, and will probably use my being out as an excuse to go to the Y and burn a few calories today.  :)  I found this morning as I was trying to drink coffee with vanilla nut creamer in it that it was too sweet for me - normally, with the amount of creamer that I put in, it wouldn't be sweet enough, and I was so displeased with the taste that I ended up tossing the whole cup after only a few sips.  it not only saved me a lot of calories, but also some fat grams and a miserable cup of coffee too.

I have a translating project that I'm really excited about.  a friend of Michele has family roots that trace back into French Canada, and they have two large books that they don't understand because they don't speak French; so they asked me to translate it for them, and I'm only more than happy to do it :)

what else?  I went out with friends after chorus last night, and despite there not being chicken wings like I was craving, it was a great night.  it's nice to be out with friends and reconnect and see what's going on in everyone's lives.  it's certainly different for me now being an overnight step-mom, but I love being a part of this family, and it's brought me a lot of groundedness and calm that I previously hadn't had.  :) 

ok, it's noon, time for me to get going!  I've slept most of today away...

*hmm, I decidely don't like Emeril, but tuna steak dressed in tapenade over polenta sounds lovely.

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I just have to say after reading your post, I love you.


Really, that's it! That's what I wanted to say.

Okay, I'll admit it, I sometimes call my food "baby". :-)

do you really call your food, "baby"? Seriously? Or are you just joshing me? And I miss you more!!

How come you only ever go out after chorus when I'm not there to go with?? :P

I promise it's only a sick twist of fate. I really wanted you there when we went to equal grounds and last week I wanted chicken wings regardless of what anyone else wanted to do! hopefully this week one of our new chorusmates, Gina, will be joining us, so hopefully you and I will both be able to make it!!

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