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Writer's Block: Defining Moment in the Past 10 Years
Over the past 10 years if you could identify one defining moment what would that be?

one defining moment?  
there are many beautiful moments which have helped forge me into the person i am today.  however, there is one particularly defining moment: coming out.
entering into the world as a self-identified lesbian changed how the world looked at me, and how i looked at the world.  suddenly rights i'd had my whole life disappeared, i had to be cautious around people out of consideration for their reactions to me, and yet, i felt like the same person inside - just happier.
however, out of the awkward and sometimes difficult experience, i met the love of my life, and had i been looking for a man i would have missed her completely.  but here we are, three years later, she supports and encourages my dreams, and i hers.  it's a beautiful partnership, and my life is better by having her in it.


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